Neuroscientists compare our brains to a vast and wild meadow. The first footprints in this meadow are left behind in the womb, soon to be turned into trails and paths. The more we move on in life and the more often we perform a certain task, the more we internalize and strengthen those pathways until one day, those tracks become super-efficient highways. Almost effortlessly, we press the right buttons and work our way through our evolving, maturing lives.

This is all fine, until conditions or circumstances change and well-established tools suddenly fail to achieve the expected results.

Autonomous driving, AI, VR and Microplastic are just a few of the key components with potential to act as game changers in both private and business life.

My goal is to help you see things from a different perspective in order to develop innovative, problem-solving strategies. How? By breaking well-known patterns of movement and teaching you new ones. By pushing you out of your comfort zone, and by reactivating forgotten sensory input.

[Neuro]+[Letic]: combination of neuroscience and athletic ability; the vital fusion of body and mind.

In today’s world, free information is available to almost anybody at any time. The difficulty is to screen it, filter the important facts and apply them to your real life.

Simply the very base of our existence. It’s vital for every biochemical function yet commonly uncared for unless for a necessary purpose, e.g. dancing, martial arts, free diving.

We learn different exercises to get in touch with our body. Once learned, they are always on hand and a reliable tool for immediate stress relief.

We perceive our world with our senses. Being cooped up in tight or cushioned shoes, wrapped in functional clothing, sound gadgets in our ears and exposed to processed food, we dull our natural senses and lose our sensitivity. Some exercises are shown to get you back in touch with your true state of senses and become more sensitive. This includes a closer examination of mobility and posture. We look at the structural suffering from sitting and unbalanced activities such as extensive cycling or running, and learn the methods to correct these imbalances.

Designed to undo the imbalances of our desk-bound lives.

As MovNat Certified Trainer Level 2, either full sessions or elements of it will be incorporated into the training.

If you don’t know about MovNat yet, check the official website for more information

We train movements that will reconnect your left and right brain hemispheres. This is important for attention, well-being and emotional balance. The long-term goal is to merge them into a flow to enhance coordination, stability, breathing and intuition.

This should lead to better movement quality in your daily life.

What goes on in our brain when we look for creative solutions?
Why does learning happen?
Why do we have a brain at all?

Some basic facts about our brain which are easy to digest and useful take-home messages.

We examine your well-established and well-known movement patterns, break them down and perform them differently in order to encourage the brain to rewire itself.

The very heart of this concept and unique approach is to synchronize the body and mind.

Neuroletic training is designed for progress and can be applied to a wide variety of scenarios. From those looking for change but not knowing where to start, to people who are stuck in a rut and are unable to step up to the next level. Employers looking to improve the wellbeing of their employees to team leaders wanting to boost creativity in the team will all find this process equips them with the tools needed to reach their goals.

Each session is individually tailored to meet your specific needs, personal level of fitness, commitment and goals. The methods are adaptable and can be carried out in a location that suits you. From the gym and workplace to the great outdoors, it’s up to you to pick your best fit.

One session per week

Duration 10 weeks (10 sessions)

Ideal for a long-term effect as trainees have time to practice at home and discuss occurring issues.

One session per day

Duration 2 weeks (10 sessions)

Best suited as preparation for, during or after a stressful period in your (business) life.

Full day workout

Either a full-day workshop or introductory and break-time exercises to complement and upgrade your meeting, workshop or conference.

Kindly note that due to retentiveness, less content is able to be taught, but the recovery effect is greater.

Born in 1978 in Heidelberg, studying Industrial Design in Munich brought me closer to the mountains. Constant river surfing prepared me for surf trips around the globe. The ten years spent working as a product manager for the world’s leading company of avalanche security systems and kitesurfing equipment taught me how to turn ideas into products, as well as make me aware of the difficulties of bringing visions and business together. Numerous meetings and business trips to Asia offered me insights into different personality types, problem-solving techniques and work ethics. You’re invited to check my online portfolio

The concept for Neuroletic Coaching has been an evolving process over the past few years as I have tried and tested many different sports in my spare time, but there was one experience that gave me the final push. I always used to scissor vault towards one side. Learning it the other way around unlocked something inside me and I was able to see things from a different perspective.

Now, as I dive deeper into neuroscience, the dots are connecting. I’ve finally found a way to combine my drive to move, my fascination with science, my desire to help others and my ability to think outside the box.

Spending more than a decade working predominantly sitting in front of a desk, starring at a screen and nudging pixels around have definitely left its trace. On my journey to restore my natural potential I got help from great individuals and professionals from various disciplines. I would love to share this knowledge and my experiences with everybody in need. In order to become a professional myself I started my started my carreer and did the following qualifications:

So far, I’m MovNat Certified Trainer Level 2, Fitnesstrainer B-Lizenz, Personal Trainer and Rettungsassistent (German equivalent of Paramedic).
Attended Courses: Animal Athletics with Fabian Allmacher, Systemic Choaching at Syscoach.

I have an active background of surfing, skiing, snowboarding, bouldering, free diving and yoga.

I’m as passionate about your progress as I am for mine. Looking forward to meet you!

Carlo Maria Rauen|Waldweg 15|83339 Chieming|0151 66421215|